PLAZA BUZZ: Plaza updates revealed!

Hello Bin Weevils!

After weeks of clues being found and investigations being set, we have finally came to an end with why updates are coming to my plaza! From theories that a promotional party may arrive to just normal updates being completed, the answer is in this post! To celebrate the launch of Weevil Dance, I have been working hard with some of my fellow buddies to give my plaza a whole new look! My new plaza includes fresh new facilities and club rooms, club fronts have been updated and the inside of clubs have also been updated. The Photo Booth has also been updated, so you can get a great snap whilst you’re there!


Whilst you’re inside my plaza rooms, you can also earn some cool XP points too! Isn’t that Bin-tastic? Be sure to check out my brand new plaza for loads of fun – from partying with your buddies to taking some snaps at my Photo Booth! As we are talking about plazas, here are some good tips to how you could earn Mulch whilst opening your plaza, made by Chip8967:

plaza tips- mulch


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