Last Chance To Vote Weevily Wonder!

There’s still time to vote for your favourite blog in the Bin Weevil Company Awards! If you haven’t voted yet, click here to go straight to the voting page and vote for Weevily Wonder, your favourite Bin Weevils fan site!

Vote for us, because we are happy, happy, happy to win! Because we are always, happy, happy, happy. Clap along if you voted, the great Weevily Wonder- VOTE NOW!


Let’s win this award, and make us the No.1 Bin Weevils fan site! Have you voted? Comment why YOU voted and your comments might be featured on our Happy Friday post!  

*Awards close 12PM today.


46 thoughts on “Last Chance To Vote Weevily Wonder!

  1. I claim my self as irish but I’m really australian. I’m moving back to Melbourne on 28th August this year. Because when were done in India were heading over to our house and staying there for until I go to university. My IP Address with probably still pick up Ireland hopefully not 😀


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