Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade: Duck Soaker!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Ram’s Arcade has recently popped up in the Binscape and inside there’s some very entertaining games to play! I have really been enjoying these games and I had thought of telling you which of the four games inside the Arcade is my favourite. My favourite game is in fact Duck Soaker:


Have you had a play of Duck Soaker yet? If not, have a go yourself because you will surely love this game and how easy to handle it is! All you simply need to do is shoot any ducks that float in the water that look like members of the WEB association and destroy any black or red bombs that come floating a past you. Remember to avoid the Bin Weevil ducks though!


Did you know? You can vote for your favourite game everyday inside Ram’s Arcade daily. All you have to do is click the giant voting will inside the Arcade and get voting for which game you think is the most entertaining from your opinion! The game which has the least votes will be replaced with a brand new game – stay tuned to Weevily Wonder if there’s a new game inside the Arcade!


7 thoughts on “Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade: Duck Soaker!

      • Have you noticed? The Bin Weevils bloggers and players, are losing interest; I don’t really log into Bin Weevils any more, I’m not a fan of Bin Weevils at this moment, Bin Weevils have messed up, maybe they need a new owner to get them back on track, they will not listen to us.


      • I agree very much there, I just want my Bin Weevils back, the old Bin Weevils, the fun Bin Weevils, the new parties, codes, Weevil Weekly as a magazine, coming from home school excited to read Weevil Weekly Magazine, new items…

        Sadly that has all ended, 😦 We should call this The Day Bin Weevils Changed.


  1. Or upside-down weevils day. I very much liked weevil weekly as a magazine more and the Puzzle challenge, I want the bin bank of bosh to come as I never Expirienced it as I was never a member then.


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