The Big Music Fever Final: Now Playing Hey Brother!

Last week for Music Fever! This week is going to be big, we’ve given you another amazing song, you can now listen to HEY BROTHER while viewing Weevily Wonder, a very Irish song! Be quick, this song will go tomorrow as ALL THE SONGS will be coming back for the final weekend!

hey brother


44 thoughts on “The Big Music Fever Final: Now Playing Hey Brother!

  1. I know the song and like the song. By avicii. Hey brother, there’s an endless road to rediscover and all that.


    • I’ll be staying. I like the changes BW have did. The Scribbles is Missing thing will lead up tp something massive, but I think it’s Bin Tycoon Only. It might be the Bin Pet Mysteries at BPP. Even if everyone dislikes Bin Weevils, I’ll still stay loyal to the best virtual world there is. I’m NOT leaving.


  2. Shall I tell you something? The whole Scribbles Is Missing thing is about them not being bothers to write weevil weekly that’s all.


  3. I started blogging in 2011 so think that’s 3 years I can’t cope with the life of it. I remember the time you started blogging and jjs I was alone before I met the best friends which blog now πŸ˜€


  4. You can’t accuse me of being 10 as I already have. Their is NO Problem with being 10 to let you know. Also weevil4501 or whatever is in between 8-12


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