Chip8967’s Weevil Has Been Hacked

Sadly this afternoon my Weevil was hacked, and the password is spreading. Don’t worry, all the hackers can do is trash my account, Bin Weevils Team are sorting it out for me, and maybe they might bring back everything.

Tomorrow, I will be working hard getting my weevil back to normal. All my buddies were deleted so if you have got deleted tomorrow there will be a time to meet me, and we can be buddies again. Don’t worry, friends! 😀 All good 😀


8 thoughts on “Chip8967’s Weevil Has Been Hacked

  1. Hello Guys, if you are reading then this blog was going to be hacked to but lucky me and chip got to this and now everything for this blog will be okay. If you did see me on chips account don’t worry because I was saving some things. I heard that the magazine has been published as a rude content so if you did do that, then the police are on to it.


    • Hi Tiny, the Bin Weevils know; they said they will not be approving any magazines from me until this issue has been fixed, all they can do is trash it. 🙂

      Weevily Wonder is saved.


      • That’s very good news. I also was in this state when Weekly slime time got hacked. That’s when I saved that blog and it went all well in the end 🙂


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