Take To School The Bin Weevils Pencil Case!

Hello Readers! 

Bin Weevils fans, did you know you can take Bin Weevils with you to school? The Bin Weevils Pencil Case is packed with, weevily equipment, and features the Bin Weevils celebrities!

bwIt’s totally Bin-tastic! The Bin Weevils sure are getting famous, what next for Bin Weevils?

oie_transparent (37)


20 thoughts on “Take To School The Bin Weevils Pencil Case!

  1. No one is too old for a Bin Weevils pencil case, I take a Doctor Who one to school! 😀 Bin Weevils may be bringing out more products in the future, just like Moshi Monsters are! 🙂


    • True, Bin Weevils is not like Moshi Monsters, Moshi Monsters is for 7 year olds, also they are rushing to fast and sooner or later they will go bankrupt, Bin Weevils are going at their own spreed. Moshi bring new apps out each Month, with are not successful.


  2. In my opinion I don’t really like the pencil case I have a Doctor Who one aswell Eddzy 😀 But I might get one for when I’m in America just for my homework if they post to America.


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