Catch Chip8967 On Animal Jam

12As you probably know, Animal Jam is my favourite virtual world now! I know it’s sounds mean because I blog and write about Bin Weevils, but Bin Weevils is simply not putting in enough effort, I’m getting bored. So I now play Animal Jam all the time, and recently AJHQ featured my Howl (which is a shoutout) on Jammer Central at Jamaa Township, and I was awarded a Howl Plague which I’m so proud of! Also, my Den got into the Epic Den List too.

My name on Animal Jam is Akachip8967, my screen name is Junior Snowyjammer. So you are welcome to add me, however we only get 100 spaces on our Buddy Lists which is better than 61 spaces on I’m also a member on Animal Jam and I never get bored, AJHQ always impresses me with new items each week and updates too!

You can also catch me on my growing Animal Jam website, Animal Jam AdventuresΒ which reports the best news in Jamaa, including codes and help! When will this sillyness stop with Bin Weevils Team? It all changed when they got a new owner, right? Click here to explore Animal Jam!


31 thoughts on “Catch Chip8967 On Animal Jam

  1. Morning Chip! How are you? πŸ™‚ What’s happened between you and Tum? It says on your Twitter account that you are leaving, please don’t leave buddy 😦


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