EXCLUSIVE: Tycoon TV might be leaving the Binscape!

Hello Readers!

Tycoon TV allowed Bin Weevils to watch some of their favourite television programs in-game and this evening, I may have discovered something which I’m quite curious about. You had to to become a Bin Tycoon and purchase a Tycoon TV top-up to enable you to watch the television programs but as I was visiting the Membership page, I realised the Tycoon TV page had disappeared!


Could it be that this Tycoon TV feature might be leaving the Binscape? There’s no way to top-up your television access on Bin Weevils so it could be that it might no longer be available in the future! I hope it doesn’t because it was a popular thing to do in the Binscape, I used to invite my friends over to watch a movie in my home cinema.

Please note: I may be incorrect but I’m quite curious about the disappearance of the Tycoon TV page and believe that Tycoon TV might not be available in the future in the world of Bin Weevils.



8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Tycoon TV might be leaving the Binscape!

  1. Im getting a sense something MASSIVE , and I mean MASSIVE is coming since Scribbles has come back because of the time machine. We might be able to go into the old bin! That would be amazing!


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