Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #10!

Hiya Weevily Wonder viewers! Welcome to another Round-Up post, this week’s post is jam-packed with Weevily Wonder gossip and news to get your teeth into. A new winner of our Super Buddy has been chosen, and get the full scoop on the Weevily Wonder Blog Awards!

Spring has arrived! Weevily Wonder has decided to give the blog a fresh new Spring makeover which will be happening soon.


The official Weevily Wonder Blog Awards have started! Voting has now open and the winning Bin Weevils fan site with the highest votes wins the awesome award, click here to start voting on the official page! Voting closes 17th April.

super buddy1

Congrats Blue-Dahilia for winning this week’s Super Buddy! Blue-Dahilia is an amazing buddy who always wants to try to help her buddies level, and she is always there to help. Are you Chip8967’s buddy? This could be you!

ysBEZtmd3ELKBe sure to get voting for Weevily Wonder in the A World Of Bin Weevils Blog Awards 2014, we would be honoured to win the Best Blog award and be your favourite fan site for the second time! Click here to get voting.

sping hereSpring has finally arrived! We should now start seeing lovely flowers, trees covered with leaves, and also the hot weather sure is coming along! Weevily Wonder will be celebrating Spring and Easter this year, are exciting Spring Makeover is coming very soon!

What is your favourite part about Spring? Can you wait for the Spring and Easter activities to land in the Binscape?  The Easter Bunny on Weevily Wonder is sure putting something amazing on, and something exciting planned!


The moment of truth, the winner of our Music Fever Competition is Eddzy! Congrats Eddzy, the whole Weevily Wonder Team are very pleased to announce you’ve won and corrected the answer correctly! NEXT WEEK you should receive an email including your BIN-TASTIC Bin Weevils codes for 10 Dosh, 5,000 Mulch! 

Music Fever has now left Weevily Wonder 😦 But don’t worry! Next year it’s going to be bigger than ever before. A big weevily congrats to Eddzy!


LAST CHANCE to enter our Bin-tastic giveaway on our official Facebook page! Make sure you scroll down and find the post before it has ended, simply like and share the post for a chance to win 10 Dosh and 5,000 Mulch! Bin-tastic, click here.

That’s it for this week! Have a nice weekend viewers, and make sure you enjoy the sunshine, if you have any! Spring sure is here and we can’t wait for the hot weather to arrive.

the weevily wonder team


19 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #10!

  1. Yay! Thanks Chip for choosing me as the winner, I’ve got a MASSIVE smile on my face now! 😀 I’ve just read your email you sent to me because I’ve got access to my email today, thanks for informing me about the changes! 🙂


  2. Good post! 🙂 I look forward to viewing the changes happening on Weevily Wonder. I have decided that Weevil Dance or a Bin Pet Show could come in May. What do you think?


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