Bin Weevils Mag #25 Coming Soon!

Hello Readers!

For all you Bin Weevils fans out there, the world of Bin Weevils is coming to your hands with the next issue of the Bin Weevils Mag in stores very soon. The top-secret revelations inside the magazine will rock the Binscape with excitement!


Inside this issue, you can take an exclusive look at Lab’s pictures from his journey back in time… plus, Gam delves into the mystery behind the Thuggs with the Secret Weevil Service! Readers can also get their hands on 10 Dosh and 5,000 Mulch which is great if you are looking to buy something in the world of Bin Weevils!


Bin Weevils Mag #25 will be on sale at all good UK newsagents and supermarkets on March 26th – there’s not long to wait at all!



25 thoughts on “Bin Weevils Mag #25 Coming Soon!

  1. This Magazine looks very exciting, I think the Time Machine is actually coming to the Bin, and probably the Bin will go back in time- we’ve had no theme this month.


    • Thanks for not deleting me Chip, I love being an assistant owner on Weevily Wonder πŸ™‚ Three quarters of your authors never post on Weevily Wonder, they beg and beg to get a place on the blog and what do they do? They don’t post at all, leaving the hard work for the authors that post 😦


  2. Great post. I am really not exited for the artical about Thuggs.
    The only thing I don’t like about ‘scoop’ and investigations’ etc. because it is all set by the Bin Weevils Team. e.g If on the What’s New Blog they write that Scribbles found a secret vault after wondering around for a few weeks, it actually means ‘for a few weeks i have been creating a new area in the bin on my pc/mac.’
    It would make more sense if Scribbles was not part of the Bin Weevils Team.
    It would be great if Bin Weevils could explore the past themselves by looking for little clues around the Binscape and learning new stories about the past themselves.
    As it is for now, the back-story of Bin Weevils is… is not even there!
    I will write an email to the Bin Weevils Team about this.


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