Hello Readers! 

On the Beach off Mulch Island, there’s mystery tunnel in the corner. This tunnel looks like it is leading to somewhere, maybe it is leading to a secret location? Or maybe the tunnel leads to lost treasure from The Great Bin War?


Sure is a mystery! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, PSST: Remember to enter our brand new Weevily Snap contest, click here to learn more! You could win some Bin Weevils goodies.

oie_transparent (37)


25 thoughts on “WEEVILY MYSTERY: The Beach!

  1. Good post! 🙂 Enjoyed reading it. And alright. Readers of the world, it was probably my fault. My cousin started this whole thing. I was away then at a friend’s party and he found out my password. I am not sure what happened, I saw he deleted myself from some blogs and I am not on Weevily Wonder? Probably an error. I will try and catch-up with everything.


      • I am once again deeply sorry for what my cousin did – blame him! Aha. 🙂 Anyways, I am not actually able to delete those posts about you on Weevily Crazy and other sites as my cousin removed me of them. I will try and get WordPress to remove them. It is nice to be back after a short break and the party was really fun!


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