REMINDER: Weevily Wonder Awards have started!

Hello readers!

Have you seen our latest promotion on Weevily Wonder? If not, then keep reading! The Weevily Wonder Awards have landed here on our Bin-tastic fan site! You can vote for your favourite blog over on the awards page by selecting the correct page on the navigation bar above. From there on, you have to choose wisely which blog you will want to WIN! The winning blog will receive a super award, isn’t that great?

awardsWhat are you waiting for? Get voting now, weevily viewers! Be sure leave your thoughts and suggestions for our awards, we may be hosting some next year as well!

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13 thoughts on “REMINDER: Weevily Wonder Awards have started!

  1. Thanks for posting a reminder about the awards πŸ™‚ They end April 17th so you may post another reminder on April 10th as that gives notice, also I’m making the widgets section more better, and a new logo will be coming. πŸ™‚

    Have a nice day!


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