Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #11

Hey, Easter bunnies! Welcome to another fantastic issue! Easter and Spring are sure the most talked about topic on Weevily Wonder, and we’ve got some egg-cellent news for you in this post! As well as, a new Super Buddy winner! Enjoy you Easter bunnies!

Blog_Hunt-Coming AprilThe Easter Egg Hunt will soon arrive to Weevily Wonder, isn’t that Bin-tastic? We’re so excited to share it with you, who can’t wait to eat their Easter Eggs? The Easter Blog Hunt starts very soon.

deiJ2K5khjcUThis Easter and Spring, Weevily Wonder will be celebrating this amazing season! We’ve already updated our header, and you should see another Easter header shortly doesn’t it look amazing?

Super buddy star bright fuCongrats to StarBright! She has won this week’s Super Buddy, she is a fantastic buddy who loves the world of Bin Weevils and loves to have a game of Pool, always loves to help!

b8tY70TFr2BpThere’s another blog mystery, if you remember Weekly Weevil Blog (Weekly Weevil Blog was our old blog) you might know who is returning! She is coming back from her long journey, and says all nest lovers get ready!

She has found many great discoveries, and soon will share them with you when she has returned! Comment your theories in the comments section on this post!

bin pets pageDid you know? Our Bin Pets page is a great place to get help with caring for your Bin Pet! We’ve got great guides, images and so much more waiting for you, click here to start exploring our Bin Pets page today!

new contestHave you heard the epic news? Our brand new weevily-awesome contest has arrived on Weevily Wonder! All you need to do is send us a picture of YOUR favourite mystery for a chance to win BIN WEEVILS MAG GOODIES! Click here to learn more.

Have a nice weekend! We hoped you enjoyed reading, and look out for new Easter stuff coming to the blog all over this brilliant season!

the weevily wonder team



32 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #11

  1. Interesting post, I enjoyed reading this article! 🙂 I can’t wait to see Nesty’s return, I guess there will be lots of mysterious to be said! Anyway, I look forward to the Spring fun coming to Weevily Wonder. 😀 By the way, I am going to redo my Tum103’s Pages and add some more.


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