The Great Easter Egg Hunt Coming Soon!

Hey Weevils! Egg-citing news… As I was logging into Bin Weevils I noticed a brand new advert, The Great Easter Egg Hunt is heading to the Binscape this Easter, get ready Easter bunnies for Easter fun coming to Bin Weevils! It’s going to be Egg-cellent!

egg hunt1This looks very exciting! Weevily Wonder will update you on all Easter fun on Bin Weevils, including a helpful video & a detailed post with the hunt locations once the The Great Easter Egg Hunt is released in the Binscape, we will give you a helping hand this Easter!

now openBe sure to hop over to the Easter Shop inside the Shopping Mall to get your nest all ready for the season, there are tons of great sweet Easter nest items to buy! Make sure you also pick up the colourful Easter garden items inside the Garden Shop.

Are you excited to start finding the Egg-cellent Easter eggs around the Binscape? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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39 thoughts on “The Great Easter Egg Hunt Coming Soon!

  1. I am weevily excited! I think we will be able to earn nest items and not just Mulch, as they do not usually advertise hunts unless they’re big ones. (Like the Golden Bin Weevil Hunt)

    Or, we might be able to earn BIG sums of Mulch, not just 50. Or Dosh. Or XP. The prizes we could get is endless!

    Just one thing… did you not say your account got parent disabled? Or have you fixed that now?


    • Hi Beano, I agree! I can’t wait, I’m so excited 😀 I think there will be new items, and some of the old prizes and it’s going to be big as they wouldn’t of advertised it. I also think the Spring Festival might come back! 😉

      Have an Egg-cellent Easter!


      • Hi, I am so egg-cited too!

        Yes, they would not have advertised it if it was just a hunt where you get 50 Mulch for each bubble (egg) you find.

        I think there’ll be a shelf, like once before, where you hunt for eggs, and collect egg nest items with Bin Weevils popping out of them.

        Or some other prizes. I cannot wait!

        So, did you sort out your parent disabled login problem? I am happy for you if you have.

        Also, have an Egg-cellent Easter too! 🙂


      • I hope the we do, maybe there will be new items. They usually bring out new items because the old Spring Festival prizes are on sale now at the Easter Shop. 🙂


      • Looking forward to it, Chip8967! So did you sort your problem out? 🙂

        Also I am about to post this on my website – is it okay if I use the “Coming Soon Hunt” banner from this post to save time copying and cropping one? If not okay, I will just copy one for my site from the BW Site.


      • Your welcome! You can call me Liam, I like being called Liam as it’s actually my name 🙂 Many people call me Liam on Bin Weevils and WordPress! Happy Easter! I’m so in the Easter mood.


      • Okay, Liam.

        I am sorry for putting the link there I know it’s against your website rules but I just wanted you to review the post to make sure it is okay. (The credit thing)

        I don’t mind the link being removed. 🙂


      • Yes, thanks for that! It’s all fine, I just don’t like links as they are messy and that’s perfectly fine 🙂 Don’t worry! 🙂 Happy Easter!


      • No problem Chip8967 – I understand. I hate people posting links that are messy on my website. In fact I like short links, which is why I started using tinyurl to make my long web addresses shorter in advertisements.


  2. Egg-cell ent news isn’t it!

    I can’t wait, XPWINNER he hasn’t even copied your blog, he probably wouldn’t of even wanted to knowing you own it. I’m excited! Aren’t you?

    Have an Egg-celllent Easter!


    • Hi Twisted, I’m excited too bud! I really can’t wait- can you please continue to support Weevily Wonder by liking and commenting on posts. And same to you too.


  3. Thanks, has the hunt came out yet as I didn’t think so. Yep, lets keep the views rising up to the sky. Have you heard the news? The airplane!


  4. I’ve an auntie was on the plane visiting her friend in Malaysia holly. She’s originally from Ireland holly but my auntie went to see her and there’s no sign of her. No lie. Hopefully it’s only a rumour it sunk she was my favourite aunt 😦


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