Tink’s Easter Teddy

Hey Weevils! Have you brought Tink’s Teddy at the Easter Shop? Tink’s Easter Teddy is an egg-cellent item for the season! If you’re a big fan of Tink you’re love this nest item which is available to buy at the Easter Shop this Easter!

top pickThere’s plenty of other awesome Easter teddies for your nest, hop over to the Easter Shop inside the Shopping Mall to pick up some egg-cellent items for the season! These Easter teddies cost just 5 Dosh!

profileCheck out my awesome new EASTER LOOK for my Bin Weevil! Get one today and get ready for Easter, make sure your look is colourful, and includes SPRING COLOURS for this season!

oie_transparent (37)



33 thoughts on “Tink’s Easter Teddy

  1. Hello Chip, sorry i haven’t been posting on here for a few days, do you mind if i can post during the Easter instead because this week and last week i had exams so im revising for them 🙂


  2. Hiya Liam! Fab post as usual! ~ yay yay! You’ve finally got yr weevil back… Woohoo! xD ~ Would you like to re-add me on Miss & Pink in the Bin later on this evening?


  3. Hello Chip8967, a spectacular Easter Look! It looks wicked! I need to get my BW easter shopping sorted out. I have 62 dosh but trust me, my Dosh dosen’t last long.


    • As he has said before, his listis currently full. I need to be Re-added as he was hacked and he still hasn’t added me back.


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