Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #12!

Hey, Easter bunnies! Weevily Wonder is in the Easter mood, welcome to another issue! This issue is jam-packed with blog gossip and news! We’ve chosen a new winner for SUPER BUDDY and get some exclusive Easter news!

startsEgg-citing news… Weevily Wonder’s Easter Egg Hunt is starting 14th April! Get ready to get hunting to find the missing colourful Eggs around the blog, we’re so excited. Weevily Wonder is in the Easter spirit!

sbCongrats to StormCloud for winning Super Buddy TWICE! She’s an amazing buddy and truly deserves to win this twice, Bin-brilliant work StormCloud! Are you Chip8967’s buddy? This could be you!

qtsojp5rgNhJThis Easter you can find all Bin Weevils Easter fun here too! Once the Great Egg Hunt is released we will post the hunt locations, all over this Easter will be posting codes, news and egg-cellent nest rooms and gardens!

nestyyNESTYY IS BACK! And she’s better than ever, no one quite knows what she is working on. Rumors are spreading she’s working on a Bin-tastic new contest and something else, next month in May Nestty will be taking over Weevily Wonder with her new things.

Hiya, Nestty here! So you’ve all heard the great news, yes I am back! This time I will make sure I surprise you, I can’t reveal what I’m up to but it’s going to be Bin-tastic! Next month, May you will be able to discover what I’ve been up to, amazing discoveries I say! -Nestty πŸ™‚

eggcellent looksEaster has sure hit Weevily Wonder and the Binscape, why not create an egg-cellent Easter look for your Bin Weevil? Be sure to also get your nest and garden in the Easter and spring spirit for Easter!

We hoped you enjoyed reading this week’s round-up, have a lovely weekend Weevily Wonder viewers! Make sure you comment your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of every post and page. Happy EASTER HOLIDAYS!

the weevily wonder team


19 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #12!

  1. As usual a spectacular and egg-celllent post! Yay Nesty!! I have voted in the awards and the new blog polls. This blog is going to have a grand Easter I know it.


  2. Super post! πŸ™‚ I have enjoyed reading it and I look forward to Nestty’s surprises in May. I would like to wish you a Happy Friday and Happy Easter too! I really can’t wait to leave for my holiday on Sunday early in the morning! I am going to post something tomorrow and post in around a month. I won’t really be able to like posts – I want to make the most of my holiday time! πŸ˜€


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