All about: My nest!

Hello readers,

Today’s ‘All About’ will be about my nest, the place I live in. It currently resides two people, a weevil and a Bin Pet, 8 rooms, (three locked) and many types of items. So, do you want to see my weevily nest? Take a look at this Bin-credible gallery!

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If you’d like to know some weevily cool facts about the home I have lived in for at least 1 year and 4 months, see below!

  • I moved into my brand new home on 5th December 2012, which many of you will know, was the day I created my account, sheepes3364.
  • I was alone for 16 days, before I became a Bin Tycoon, and adopted my weevily pal, a greedy Bin Pet called Stevie.
  • My favourite room (at the time) was my lounge!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my nest, and I’ll be publishing another All About very soon, with a theme of Bin Buddies! There will be snapshots, interviews, and much more! Until next time, goodbye!




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