The Great Egg Hunt Has Arrived To The Binscape!

Hey Weevils! Egg-cellent news… the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived to the Binscape! The Great Egg Hunt is OUT NOW and it’s Bin-tastic, find all the 9 weevily eggs around the Binscape to earn an eggclusive Easter pack, Bin Tycoon members can collect exclusive rewards too! egg locationsTo start the Easter hunt, hop over to the Shopping Mall and click the sign! Struggling to find all the Easter eggs around the Binscape? No need to worry, you can watch my helpful video below:

EGGCELLENTDon’t forget once you’ve completed the egg hunt, collect your egg-cellent rewards! All Bin Weevils can collect a Easter nest item pack with exclusive items in, Bin Tycoons can collect a SPECIAL EASTER MOVE, EXCLUSIVE GARDEN ITEM AND NEST ITEM!

oie_animationHave fun hunting! Weevily Wonder wishes you a wonderful Easter and be sure to share your thoughts about this Bin-tastic hunt in the comments section below, don’t eat too much eggs Easter bunnies!

oie_transparent (37)


92 thoughts on “The Great Egg Hunt Has Arrived To The Binscape!

  1. Hey Chip! I have returned to Bin Weevils and blogging again. This is just awesome how Bin Weevils is getting a brand new makeover, and that they are interacting with their fans again! =)


  2. Cool – thanks for the locations as well! πŸ™‚ I am on holiday right now since Sunday and I will try and get onto my parents’ laptop.


  3. Thanks Chip! I am sorry, I have to go now. Maybe meet up again tomorrow…? Or whenever I can make it! Once again, thanks!



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