Check Out The Brand New Bin Weevils Update

Hello Bin Weevils!

This evening many Bin Weevils couldn’t log in, including me. This was because Bin Weevils were working on a brand new update to the Binscape. Nest News which was the ugly toilet paper in our nests has now been replaced with a super-cool News Tablet which instead of loads of writing shows a nice picture of different news.

new updateI really do prefer this to the tatty old Nest News which I always thought needed updating, this news doesn’t show promotion party news as the old Nest News and what’s cool about this it is a tablet and it looks more like Bin Weevils we know today. Fab job Bin Weevils Team!

What I don’t like about this update is we have a very large unwanted space where Nest News was. As this cool tablet is an icon at the bottom near the map and shop icon. I hope Bin Weevils Team changes are nest around and gets rid of that unwanted space soon.

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19 thoughts on “Check Out The Brand New Bin Weevils Update

  1. Cool update! Also, I like the fact they want to see blogs now (look on the What’s New Blog)! I would cry if you didn’t enter! You never know, they could end up featuring your blog, and may even read this very comment!


  2. Great post! 🙂 Bin Weevils have really changed during the past week – brand new features and the Bin Weevils Blog has been updated a bit. Also, have you seen the latest post on their blog? Bin Weevils likes us bloggers now! They are going to be checking them out and probably share our work with them. 😀


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