Win a code for 10 DOSH coins!

Editor’s note by Chip8967: If you’re not a regular Weevily Wonder viewer and you do not comment or like or interact with Weevily Wonder you can’t enter this competition but only  people who comment, like posts etc have a chance of winning. 🙂 This comp is fab so enter now Weevily Wonder fan!


Hiya Weevily Wonder viewers!

Are you running low on DOSH? Or running a little short on Dosh coins? Not to worry! As this competition is ideal for you!

All you need to do is answer the following question which follows below:

In the picture below, what’s the name of this Bin Weevil celebrity?


 To enter this bin-tastic’ ‘10 DOSH coins code competition’ please read below the ‘Competition Rules’ to find out how you can enter!

–          You will need to leave a comment beneath this post with your weevil name and the correct answer to the above question, for the chance to Win a 10 DOSH coins code .

–          You are only allowed to post your entry/comment once.

–           If we found that you have commented multiple entries on this post, you will be sadly disqualified from this competition.

–          Once the competition closed; The winner will be randomly selected. All entries will be noted down on a piece of paper and be drawn from a hat by MissPretty.

–          The closing date for all entries to be made is on Thursday 17th April 2014. 12:00P.M. (GMT time). Any entries made after 12:00p.m. on Thursday 17th April will not be counted.

–          The random lucky winner would be announced on announcement post on Thursday 17th April 2014.

Hurry, this competition closes on Thursday 17th! ~

 Good luck weevils! 

~ MissPretty xx (Editor on Weevily Wonder)


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