Nest Inspector Spotted At Flem Manor!

Hello Bin Weevils!

BREAKING NEWS: The Nest Inspector has been spotted at Flem Manor, he hasn’t been spotted in a while and he is now visiting the Binscape for you all to see him, this is my first time seeing him so make sure you go to the Editor’s Office each Tuesday to meet him in the mornings.

NEST INSPECTORThis is amazing! He had a chat with us and then he had to publish Best Nest, the Nest Inspector is such a great Bin Weevil and I’m so happy to meet him, maybe you will be lucky next week!

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27 thoughts on “Nest Inspector Spotted At Flem Manor!

  1. Yes, Well done all for spotting him, I’m glad i spotted him with 3 off my buddy s at flem mannor then i told everyone to come so i will be on the look out next week.

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