Sending Bin Weevils an Easter Card…

Hello readers,

For Easter this year, I’ll be sending Bin Weevils an Easter Card. If you want to see what my Bin-credible design looks like, why not look below!

bin weevils easter design 2014 2

Can you see the egg? I do!

Maybe you could send them your weevily Easter card, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it! I made another Easter card, which I’ll be sending too. Let me know if you enjoy the first one better, or the second one.

bin weevil easter card

Personally, I enjoy the first one. What do you prefer?



13 thoughts on “Sending Bin Weevils an Easter Card…

    • Thank you! Bin Weevils like my designs too. Here’s what they said:

      Hi sheepes3364!

      Thanks for your email!

      NEST_INSPECTOR most certainly was in the Bin today – he was posting his new issue of Best Nest! Have you read it yet?

      Thanks for your card – it was a cool Monday morning surprise! We even forwarded it to the rest of the company to show them.

      If you need any more help, please let us know!

      For more weevily news, be sure to check out the What’s New Blog.


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