Dosh’s Palace Easter Competition Winner

Hello Bin Weevils!

DP_winner_top_imageEaster is just around the corner and a few weeks ago Bin Weevils hosted yet again the Dosh’s Palace Easter Competition where you could create your own Easter design by printing out the template! Today just before Easter the winner has been announced…

winnerA big weevily well done to Smallnonny88 for winning! Smallnonny88’s weevily Easter design is now on display at Dosh’s Palace, what a fab design and winner! I’m sure all your entries were egg-cellent  must of been hard for Bin Weevils HQ!

Today Scribbles and friends will be visiting Dosh’s Palace and we got some pictures of Scribbles and other Bin Weevils moderators:

scribblesjamesGENEWow it was such a fab time! Be sure to log in and check out the cool new Easter look for Dosh’s Palace, leave your thoughts of the brand new look in the comments section below, HAPPY EASTER!

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