63 thoughts on “The Brand New Bin Weevils Logo!

  1. Bin Weevils’ brand new logo looks amazing! šŸ’” I think the What’s New Blog will be redesigned, as Scribbles asked us last week how we could make the blog better. The new era of Bin Weevils starts now. Weevil World will be bin-credible! šŸ˜€

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    • I have to agree Sheepes, it looks amazing! Must say it’s better, I do hope the What’s New Blog is redesigned however I do like it how it is! But it does need a fresh new look. šŸ™‚

      Happy Easter!


      • Happy Easter too! šŸ™‚ – I suggeted to add a small section, located on the right of our screens, where we can let the team know what we think. I’ll call it ‘Our Weevily Views’.


      • That would be great!

        Remember, when they redesign the What’s New Blog they need to redesign all their pages such as help, parents etc so they might be working on that.

        Like Weevily Wonder’s new header? šŸ˜‰ –


      • Of course I like the new header! It should persuade viewers to watch the video of the egg hunt answers, meaning they don’t have to search for them themselves. I always look on help videos for SWS Missions, especially the Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet. šŸ™‚ The temple was a little difficult to solve.


      • As part of the new bin you and yoshi were talking about earlier, I think a permanent campfire would be great. I haven’t actually visited the Clarks campfire yet, as I’m trying to score my highest score on Team Tangle. I’ve heard there’s a zipwire! šŸ™‚

        Having a permanent campfire would be amazing! No idea where it could be located though. There’s not really a place unneeded in the Bin other than Tycoon Island, and that’s gone. … :/


      • They’ve been redesigning loads of places, so I guess it could be. What I think they’ll be doing now is making the Old Bin things brighter, so Tum’s Diner and Flem Manor could be made brighter. I do like Flem Manor the way it is though. I’d like to see a Flem statue somewhere.


      • I think they are just re-designing places to make the Bin better rather than doing it in one big go and upsetting players.

        I can’t see a point in a new Bin.


      • Magazines could be made better too. I think all weevils should be granted access to create one, but a Bin Tycoon should get more features, such as more colours and pages.


      • I agree, I would love a new Magazine creator screen with new stickers and more settings and pages, I think magazines should stay for members only.


      • Creating a magazine was one of the exciting things I looked forward to when I became a Bin Tycoon. I now publish my own weekly magazine here, on WordPress!


      • Psst: We’ve got a new Tycoon Competition coming soon to Weevily Wonder šŸ˜‰ If you have Twitter you can RE-TWEET the tweet on our Twitter account for a chance to win a 6 month membership code! šŸ˜‰


      • Before my Bin Tycoon expired in September, I had just bought the Super Deluxe garden, bought all the rooms. and had a great nest coolness. The day it expired was the day AFTER I won my Scribbles trophy. 14th September.


      • I haven’t actually seen a Bin Tycoon membership card in my local shop before. I’ve only seen one once, and that was about 10 miles from where I live.


      • Re-designing Flem Manor Editor’s Office could be a good thing too. Adding different fonts and designing a magazine logo would be cool too. I’d love it if Bin Weevils allowed us to do this! šŸ™‚


      • How about the idea of adding memory onto our weevil cameras? The more mulch we pay, the more memory we get to take more photos. Re-introducing Mulch top-ups would be cool too.


      • I’ll suggest that to the Bin Weevils Team. By adding this, they’ll receive more money, as more children will buy the top-up. Hopefully I’ll get a reply tomorrow. šŸ™‚


  2. I really do think, they are completely redesigning every thing in the whole of Bin Weevils. I think after we have the little “visit the past” party, the BW Team will start redesigning and recreating Bin Weevils for the Bin Tastic NEW Bin! šŸ˜€


  3. Chip, this is what I emailed BW:

    Hello Bin Weevils Team!
    I love the new updates you are doing to Bin Weevils, they are absolutely amazing and fantastic! I’m also loving the new logo which other users love in the Bin! I also heard that a new platform for Bin Weevils is going to be produced on higher platforms such as iPad, phone devices and so much more!
    I was also thinking that we could have new updates to the Bin! The Bin would be more better with these updates that I have if you personally think that! My updates are;

    Non Tycoons should change there look because it sounds pretty unfair that Tycoons can only change there look while Weevils should stay “green”.

    On the Bin Weevils Homepage when you start a new Weevil, I think you should choose all of your Weevil colours that you want your Weevil to have like before on the old Bin Weevils homepage back in 2009 or 2010!

    I think some places should be redesigned and the What’s New Blog should be redesigned to make it colourful and have more pages, etc. As I said, some places in the Bin should be redesigned such as Flums Fountain. At Flums Fountain, I think you should have some benches to sit on and you could have a Ice Cream Maker where you could make your own Ice Cream and then, you can sit with your Bin Buddies and eat something while you are talking to your Bin Buddies!

    I also think you should have more pages in your magazine on Bin Weevils because Weevils in the Bin feel like they want to write loads in there magazine. I would like to write lots of words and Bin-tastic Bin Weevils information in my Bin Weevils Magazine in the Editors Room! I think we should have over 20 or 30 pages to write information in our weekly Bin Weevils Mag in which he do at Flem Manor!

    Also, can we have more levels out because Weevils are really getting bored of waiting to be another level when they are level 65. I am level 57 and when I am level 65, It is going to be a bit boring getting all that Experience Points waiting to level to your nest level, even though there isn’t new levels out yet!

    I think we should have clothes on Bin Weevils and special avatar backgrounds like Scribbles, Tink and Clott. Clothes would be awesome on Bin Weevils and there could be a shop in the Shopping Mall called the “Bin Clothes” and we could choose our own clothes such as glasses, hats, Slimey and posh Bin Jackets, etc.

    We could also have more Bin Cards out, eg: level 70 Bin Cards or level 65 Bin Cards because Weevils have already finished there Bin Card and we could have more Bin Cards!

    I also think the map should be updated and also, if everything (nearly everything) on Bin Weevils is getting updated, instead of the Slimey Bar around the screen when we play Bin Weevils, we could have a wooden Bar like Moshi Monsters! I know Bin Weevils is a Bin where, like, everything is slimey, well…that’s my suggestion.

    I hoped you liked my suggestions and updates and I hope they can come true on Bin Weevils!
    -Oliver Bin Weevils. (XPWINNER6656)


    • I agree with the Flum’s Fountain benches idea. It would be really cool if they added it! Mayvbe the benches should be located on the grass near the orange peels. I also like the idea of new Bincards, particularly the Level 65/70 weevils card.

      If Bin Weevils did add that, I’m sure the stamp rewards would be bin-credible! Propably 5000 mulch or 50 dosh. I’d love to earn that!

      Let’s see what Bin Weevils says. Remember though, they don’t reply to all messages, but they read all of them. Sometimes they are too busy to reply, but will have the time to read. Everything you message them will be read, even if there is no reply. šŸ™‚

      sheepes3364 šŸ™‚ – When I send Bin Weevils emails, I usually do this at the end. šŸ™‚


  4. Great post and I am SUPER-EXCITED! It is true, an even better era has begun on Bin Weevils. šŸ™‚ I think their is a new manager or something, they have changed a lot! The idea for re-designing the magazine creator would be awesome, more pages, more colours and more cool stickers. I hope more areas get updated! šŸ˜€


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