Scribbles In The Binscape

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today Scribbles visited the Binscape, it was such a fantastic time he stayed for a very long time and it was a Bin-tastic party! Scribbles brought his Bin Pet, Doodle along with him too which was Bin-tastic too!

scribblescol2Scribbles had a very long chat with us, and also said that he loves blogs and he reads many awesome Bin Weevils blogs too! I’m sure he visits Weevily Wonder, I’m sure Weevil Weekly will return as he said he’s been very busy. It was a fantastic time and the Hang Out Area at Clark’s Adventure is the perfect place too.

scribbles333Did you meet Scribbles? Make sure you stay tuned to their official Twitter to find out when he is visiting the Binscape, have a Bin-tastic weekend!

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