All About: The Shopping Mall!

Hello readers,

If you’re looking for an item to decorate your nest with, or if you just want to purchase a nest room, the Shopping Mall is the place to be! In this post, I’ll be showing you the different shops, Nestco, Bin Pet Shop, Garden Shop/Plots and Rigg’s Property Shop



Nestco is the place to be when searching for a brilliant nest item. Whatever you need, it’ll be there!

Bin Pet Shop:


If you’ve just became a Bin Tycoon member, I’d suggest visiting this shop. You can adopt a Bin Pet, and train it to be your best pal!

becomeTycoon_button2 (1)


Garden Plots and Garden Shop:


If you’re looking to expand your garden, or wish to buy some garden items, these shops are for you!

becomeTycoon_button2 (1)


Rigg’s Property Shop:


The best place to buy a new nest room or plaza is Rigg’s Property Shop!

becomeTycoon_button2 (1)

Well, thank you for reading this post, and I hope you know a lot more about the Shopping Mall. Have a Happy Easter everyone! 😀



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