Best Nest Issue #85 & Garden Of The Week

Hello Bin Weevils!

Another issue of Best Nest has been published this week, head over to Weevil Post to read the Bin-tastic new issue and see 10 fantastic nest rooms the Nest Inspector chosen this week!

missCongrats to Weevily Wonder’s very own, Misspretty for getting into Best Nest this week! Her nest room is blue-tastic and really stands out, and them fantastic Bin Weevil photos make the room even more Bin-tastic! Well done!

amyCongrats to _Amy for winning this week’s Garden Of The Week! Her garden is fantastic and is really creative, and I love how she has used all them mushrooms to get some Bin-tastic patterns! Well done to my buddy, _Amy!

giThe Garden Inspector and Nest Inspector sure have chosen Bin-tastic winners this week! Tune in next week for the next Garden Of The Week and Best Nest review, happy Spring Bin Weevils!

Want some help with creating a fab garden? Click here for Weevily Wonder’s garden page.


15 thoughts on “Best Nest Issue #85 & Garden Of The Week

  1. Awesome post Liam! ~ and ty for yr congrats on Pink’s blue flower room being in featured in BEST NEST! ~ Adding photo snaps in nest room’s definitely makes the room bin-tastic & unique! xx


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