Please Keep Commenting

Weevily Wonder has been a HUGE success, over this week and last week Weevily Wonder’s has been receiving low views. We’re not going to release any new competitions until our views are perfect.


When you comment on Weevily Wonder, from now be sure to say 1st if your the first commenter, 2nd or 3rd too! It’s a great and fun way to comment, can you comment on our posts or even pages first? 

PSST: Be sure to RATE each comment, post, or page you like! Rating is a fantastic way to show you like something, ratings are now here on Weevily Wonder on posts and pages, to comments!


18 thoughts on “Please Keep Commenting

  1. I think all blogs are getting low views, especially us and Weevily World. I am not sure why, hope they go up! 😀


  2. It was the Easter Holiday and the first week of school. Always in such situations views on sites go down. Don’t worry, I will always support Weevily Wonder!


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