Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #13

Hey, Bin Weevils! Welcome to another issue, oh it sure has been a while we’re super busy with upcoming projects! This issue is packed full of blog news, and some exciting news that Nestty’s Month has started! All the latest blog news here in this post!

nestyymonth begumHiya Bin Weevils! It’s me Nestyy, sure been a while but I’ve returned and I’m so happy to be back, I’m glad to announce that my VERY OWN month is here on Weevily Wonder this May.

Each week there’s a chance for you all to send in your nest room, every Friday there will be a theme. Follow that theme that week and then you will have a chance to send your screenshot of your room to me each week, at the end some randomly chosen winners will win a Tycoon Code or Dosh, or even Mulch! This competition starts NEXT FRIDAY!

scribbles huntThe excitement for The Big Scribbles Hunt is sure building up here on Weevily Wonder, Scribbles has many clues and tales for you to crack to find him daily! The SWS need your help to save Scribbles, all fun starts 10th May right here!

super buddyA HUGE congrats to Starbright for winning this week’s Super Buddy, she is a fantastic buddy who always wants to help and chat! Are you Chip8967’s buddy? This could be you! Bin buddies rule!

new pollsBe sure to vote in our brand new polls on the side of the blog, this month is all about SCRIBBLES AND NESTYY so be sure to check them out and cast your vote, remember new polls each month!

happy springWe would like to wish everyone a happy, joyful Spring! Spring has finally sprung and the warm weather gets Bin Weevils jumping for joy! Stay tuned for fun Spring parties and events coming soon!

Have a fun-thrilled weekend! Make sure you leave all your thoughts in the comments section below!

the weevily wonder team


6 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder Round-Up: Issue #13

  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading it after a busy day at school. 🙂 Wait, isn’t it meant to be posted tomorrow, it’s Thursday today? Unless you changed the posting day?

    Liked by 3 people

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