Weevily Wonder News: Weevily Wonder 2.0 Is Here!


Noticed any new changes around here today? Weevily Wonder 2.0 is HERE and has now been released, we hope you like and enjoy our new blog layout and theme as much as we do. Weevily Wonder is now looking fantastic and ready for the next adventure!

If your wondering, where is our widgets? Don’t worry, go to the bottom! We don’t have a widgets are anymore really, you can view any upcoming BLOG EVENTS at the bottom of this blog, why not check out the cool new images at the bottom? Have funΒ exploringΒ the new Weevily Wonder!

What do you think of the new theme?Β 


38 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder News: Weevily Wonder 2.0 Is Here!

    • Thank you so much.

      Sorry for the wait, it took us 4 hours to do this! Some pages might be a bit wrong, but we will sort them. Do you like the widgets area at the bottom, much more clear πŸ™‚


      • They look very nice at the bottom of our screens! We don’t need the welcome post anymore, as it’s at the widgets area now. Much better! πŸ™‚


      • So happy you like it, I really agree with you! The old WW was just old, tatty and boring this is a whole new experience πŸ™‚

        Be sure to report any things that need fixing, spent hours on this. πŸ™‚


      • You know where The Big Scribbles Hunt image is? Well that widget is going to be like a slideshow showing all the stuff happening on Weevily Wonder, very soon cool huh?


      • It’s definitely one of the best themes around! πŸ˜€ I haven’t used this theme before, but I’m sure other people will very soon.


      • I’m so happy with the new theme, it did take me 5 hours to decide etc. Did you wonder why it was under work for 5 hours instead of 1?


  1. Weevily wow! Chip, you have done a grand job with Weevily Wonder 2.0, I rather like the slideshow in the widgets area because it tells the viewers what is happening next on the website! πŸ˜€

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