Check Out The New Update When You Join Bin Weevils


Bin-tastic news! When you create a Bin Weevil you are now welcomed even more with this pop-up screen which allows new players to explore the Binscape even more, all you do is click what you would like to do next.Ā  New players can always view this pop-up screen by clicking the question mark in the corner of your screen.

This means new players will no longer need to complete challenges, new weevils also get 2,000 Mulch when they join the wacky world of Bin Weevils! When you complete some tasks you will be greeted with a Bin Weevil character, when new players go to their nests they can now choose a wallpaper for their nest too, very nice!

oie_transparent (37)


14 thoughts on “Check Out The New Update When You Join Bin Weevils

      • One of the things that I’d like to see in the Binscape is Dirt Valley getting re-vamped. From the picture in the post, it looks brighter and colourful, so maybe they’ll be doing that for the next big update?

        If not, I’d hope they do it this year! šŸ˜€


      • I’d keep the design, but make the place colourful, so more weevils will play. Weevil Wheels was made in 2008, and has never changed except from Track Builder in 2012.


      • I would like to see more colour into the place. Instead of Track 1, 2 and 3, there should be EASY course, MEDIUM course, HARD course. Although that is what the tracks are now, it would be better if they renamed it that.

        Other updates that I’d like to see include new advertisement screen when we log into Bin Weevils.
        A new banner to replace the slime. (Perhaps the slime like in the new Bin Weevils logo?)
        Change Flem Manor Art Gallery. Nothing there apart from 2 empty frames, and a sign. It should be a musem. šŸ™‚


      • Sheepes,

        When it’s your posting day, you must post a post on that day and not schedule it. It must be a Bin Weevils news article for any news that has happened on that day.


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