Check Out The New Bin Weevils Updates


Hello Bin Weevils! Today Bin Weevils has been updated! The new updates include a new bright loading screen and server screen, and Bin Weevils workers now have a badge on their profiles to show they work for Bin Weevils HQ!

update1The loading  screen when you log in has had a new update! Doesn’t it look great? When your loading into Bin Weevils you can view some great tips, the adverts change so you have a variety of adverts to choose from. It looks like our nests are having some work done to them soon, as the advert on the loading screen looks like Rigg is working on them.

update2Another exciting update, you can now tell if a weevil is from Bin Weevils HQ. If they have a special badge on their profile that means they are from Bin Weevils HQ and they are moderators. The picture above shows James’ profile, James is the Bin Weevils producer. This is a very good and great update, no more fake moderators.

wowLooks like Bin Weevils HQ are planing and making so much updates, in fact this year looks like Bin Weevils are going to be updating a lot. The picture above shows what Bin Weevils HQ tweeted on their Twitter, looks like Bin Weevils HQ are adding more colour to the Bin!

dana2Dana, who works for Bin Weevils HQ has her own Twitter, isn’t that Bin-tastic? Dana told us that TOMORROW there’s going to be an even better update, and she showed us a picture of Flum’s Fountains. Does this mean Flum’s Fountain is updating tomorrow?

What a lovely update the Bin Weevils Team has given us, the new loading screen and sever screen looks brilliant! I like how we can now see who works for Bin Weevils HQ, and also who’s excited for tomorrow’s update? Leave your thoughts.

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14 thoughts on “Check Out The New Bin Weevils Updates

  1. Wow! I came home from school, logged in to Bin Weevils and found this… BRILLIANT! And I am amazed that we can now see the badge to prove they work for Bin Weevils! Wahey!

    I wonder what update is coming tomorrow?

    Also, my print screen button isn’t working at the moment so is it okay if I use the images in this post? Thanks.

    PS: Love your new signature!


    • Hi Beano,

      Thanks for your comment, yes I agree I do love the updates and indeed it is exciting to see what is coming tomorrow, I would prefer if you didn’t use my images please. Thanks for your positive feedback about my signature, 🙂


      • Hi, no problem about your signature.

        I will give credit if you let me use those images, otherwise it’s the slow computer for me.

        I understand if it’s still a no though.

        Thank you 🙂


  2. Can’t wait! Bin Weevils starts to update their site to look more modern.
    What do you think about my idea i emailed you. Again, sorry if I am reapeting myself but I have a lot of planning.


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