Best Nest issue 89!

Hey Bin Weevils,

Its Samfay with Best Nest issue 89!

Here is room one!




Tattoo’s Nest Room is my a really cool room I like it a lot! It looks like she has tried really hard on this Nest Room 🙂

Here is room two.


This room has loads of Bin Weevils toy codes in, I also like this room a lot!

Have a great week Bin Weevils see you soon in the Bin!

– Samfay


2 thoughts on “Best Nest issue 89!

  1. No Samfay, I’m sorry this isn’t good enough.

    You haven’t even followed my new posting rules.

    Right ok let’s begin:

    > Images should be at the top.

    > Do not put ‘Hello Bin Weevils’ right at the top, please follow my posting scheme.

    > More detail about the nest items.

    > Don’t put explanation marks (!) everywhere.


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