Hi-tech Robo-plant Bin-terview!



What a weevily cool surprise! Garden Inspector and Lab answered some of your questions about the Hi-tech robo-plant. Were you one of the lucky ones that managed to have your questions answered? A well done to you! To see some of the lucky comments selected by Scribbles, click here.



8 thoughts on “Hi-tech Robo-plant Bin-terview!

  1. Right Sheepes

    All images should be in the middle no caption on images, please include a picture from the actual Bin Weevils blog post not another blog post. also can you make it more clear and add a link to the post! No smile face please?

    Should also be – Sheepes in bold can you choose a different colour please?

    Please update your post ASAP, and keep commenting on Weevily Wonder.


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