BREAKING NEWS: Mysterious Object Spotted

scribbles invi

Hello Bin Weevils! Weevily Wonder brings you exciting news, Scribbles has reported on the What’s New Blog that a mysterious object has been found outside the Bin Pet Temple excavation site! The object Scribbles found was an orange peel, how strange?

The story continues…

Scribbles was walking through Bin Pets Paradise yesterday evening when suddenly Digg came rushing out of the Bin Pet Temple excavation site, Scribbles only heard Digg talking to him storyself about a Bin-credible discovery, something about TIME PORTALS! Digg dropped an item, an ORANGE PEEL!

Weevily wow, weevily friends I know what this is leading to! I might be wrong or right, but I think once the Bin Pet Temple finally opens we will be able to go BACK IN TIME using the TIME PORTALS to see Ink’s Orange Peel, and other old Bin places. I might be wrong, but please leave your  theory below!

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