Design A New Trophy

NISP01Hello Bin Weevils! Bin Weevils today has posted some interesting news, according to the What’s New Blog the Nest Inspector wants to invite us to his secret project! The Nest Inspector wants us to design some new trophies! Does this mean new levels are coming? Of course it does!

new-levels-bobCan you design a Bin-amazing trophy? Click the image above to visit today’s blog post over on the What’s New Blog to find out how you can send your designs to Bin Weevils HQ. Your trophy could become an in-game item.

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16 thoughts on “Design A New Trophy

  1. Just sent a reply to Spongoo re this, as I said to him I noticed Scribbles was a level 70 and Gam was a level 110 wow!. I also suggested new trophies that depicted items from the past like plants or relics or bin pet temple that would be good or the time machine that lab is currently using.. I like the idea of new levels it was mentioned last year some time that we might be increased to level 70, I have been level 65 for a while now and it would be good to have something to work towards again. This is Fab news Such a lot is happening in a short space of time.

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  2. PS. That awesome new loading screen looks like they might be giving us an extra level in our nests. Hope so I have asked for this for some time now as when we get new items there is not always anywhere to put them unless you empty your rooms and start again.

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