Scribbles Interviews: Dott

scribbles interviews dottHey, I’m really excited for Weevily Wonder’s Bin Pet month next month! Today I’ve got an exclusive Bin-tastic interview with Dott to show you guys, and this interview tells you quite a lot about Weevily Wonder’s exciting Bin Pet month!

Scribbles: Hiya Dott,  are you excited for Weevily Wonder’s Bin Pet month? I sure am!

Dott: Of course I am, I love Bin Pets and I’m happy I’m working with Weevily Wonder to bring an exciting Bin-tastic event to Weevily Wonder readers who adore Bin Pets, just like me!

Scribbles: Wow sure looks like your excited, can you tell us a bit more about this event, Dott?

Dott: Sure thing, Scribbles! This blog event is going to be so exciting, there’s going even more Bin Pet give-aways and contests, and so much Bin Pet fun! We’re evening planning a Bin Pet show, errm I can’t reveal to much, it’s a big secret! Haha!

Scribbles: That sounds so Bin-tastic, and I’m so excited for the Bin Pet Show! Will there be any Bin Pet parties? Doodle looks so excited!

Dott: I better not reveal too much, but of course yet! I’m sorry Scribbles, I better go! Busy busy, with some Bin-tastic Bin Pet plans! See you around the Binscape!

bin pets month is coming


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