Weevily Wonder News: Bin Pet Mystery

flamSomething strange sure is going on here, I was hanging out with my friends Tink and Clott at Club Fling and suddenly Rigg and Dott come weevily along, they sure looked busy! I noticed Rigg was holding some secret notes and pictures, I just remembered a  part of the picture which was, strange enough a STAGE? Dott was also holding special Bin Pet lighting and Bin Pet toys!

Dott and Rigg were diffidently up to something, I could see Dott’s Bin Pet jumping and showing off her Bin-tastic moves when Rigg showed her the secret projects! Tune in next Sunday as the story continues! Leave your thoughts in the comments area!

ww team


8 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder News: Bin Pet Mystery

  1. I know, it’s a Bin Pets Talent Show! 🙂 By the way, I will be happy to help you organise this upcoming event. 😀


  2. Chelskisummer,12theron, Letshavesometea and XTroggX will really be excited about eating all the bin pets…I mean watching the telented bin pets cough…cough…

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