Authors Notice

Hello Authors,

If your not a Weevily Wonder author you can scroll down for Bin Weevils news.

I’m very upset right now, all authors are clearly ignoring my emails and I hope you’ve read my email I sent you not to long ago as that is important and tells you the new Author Timetable, you aren’t bothering to even view this blog. I’m warning you know this stops and you post, very rude indeed.

If you don’t know your posting day I suggest you find it in your email inbox, let me remind you again. Authors are expected to post on their posting days Bin Weevils news for that day, stop ignoring me and wake up! Your wasting views and my time, I’ve got far too much exams coming up to worry.  If you do not post this week, you will be deleted. That’s final!

Remember I see you on other blogs, so there’s no reason what so ever to not post and ignore me. Ignore me again you see what you get.



One thought on “Authors Notice

  1. I did read the email on the day you sent it. I’ve also got stressful stuff going on in my life, yes I understand you also have stuff going on.


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