Peel Park is back!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Peel Park is back!


What do you think of this Bin Weevils? The best part is we do not need to say a goodbye to Ink’s Orange Peel! All you need to do is click the other arrow and your Bin Weevils screen should start loading and you will be a Ink’s Orange Peel BIN TASTIC! The Bin Weevils Team have been working hard all year and soon the Summer Fair is coming back. What do you think about all of the updates this year on Bin Weevils? Tell me in the comments down below 🙂

P.S  Here is an image I have taken below.



A Bin Weevils post by…



One thought on “Peel Park is back!

  1. Great post, Samfay.

    Just some little errors, the images need to be in the middle of the post. ”Hello Bin Weevils” would look nicer in heading 2. But it’s a really good post Samfay. ^.^


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