Enter the House of Magic At Flem Manor

Hello Bin Weevils!

The House Of Magic has entered the Binscape! Head to The House Of Magic promotion area outside of Flem Manor & you will be transported into the magical world of The House Of Magic. Meet Thunder, Jack and the rest of the gang and play games, win prizes and more!


Here’s Chip8967 with the House Of Magic items. You can grab some free items at The House Of Magic party at Flem Manor!

Are you struggling with the hunt locations? No need to worry, we’ve got a full list for you! Once you’ve found a ticket around the Binscape, you’ll earn 50 Mulch. Here’s the locations below:

  • Rigg’s Movie Multiplex
  • Rum’s Cove
  • Castle Gam
  • Shopping Mall
  • Club Fling

Chip8967… Please like, share and re-blog.


2 thoughts on “Enter the House of Magic At Flem Manor

  1. if you click on the picture on left of stairs see what happens and on light on right hand side and the rabbit. and if you go into the games section in the house there is even more things you can click on and see magic.


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