Bin Pets Madness Has BEGUN!

bin pet madnessThe Bin Pets have taken over for a whole month! Starting TODAY you can celebrate Bin Pets with Weevily Wonder, we’re celebrating adorable Bin Pets with contests, parties, Bin Pet shows and so much more! Stay tuned for more fun Bin Pet activities throughout this month!

bin pet hunt-outnowStarting today, you can join into the Bin Pet Hunt! Can you find the 4 missing Bin Pets around Weevily Wonder on the different pages? Have a go and join in the fun! Bin Pets can be very naughty sometimes.

PSST! When you’ve finished the hunt, CLICK HERE & submit where you’ve found them, YOU could win some weevily-cool prizes! Stay tuned, tomorrow they’ll be a brand new BIN PET GIVEAWAY! 

Have you taken party in the Bin Pet Hunt? Are you excited on what’s to come? Leave us your thoughts in the comments area!



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