NEW Bin Pet Contest

bin pet contestBin Pets Madness continues on Weevily Wonder! Do you have any Bin Pet tips? If you do, be sure to comment YOUR tips! One lucky commenter will win a 6 month Bin Tycoon membership! WOW! Hurry and submit your weevily comments.

Leave your best Bin Pet tip in the comments area below! We hope you and your Bin Pet also have a wonderful weekend, and stay tuned for more giveaways & contests.



7 thoughts on “NEW Bin Pet Contest

  1. If you’d like your Bin Pet to be as happy and fit as possible, these tips would make a great boost!

    – Whenever possible, make sure your Bin Pet is well fed and well exercised. A Bin Pet that gets tired isn’t the best kind of pet.

    – Bin Pets need exercise. Why not take them to GymPet for a round of weightlifting, or perhaps a musical routine in the Bin Pet Aerobics. 🙂

    – Meet other Bin Pets! It is always great to see other pets, as your pet may even play with them, boosting their morale. (happiness level)

    – Make a room dedicated to it. If you give them plenty of toys to play with, and of course a sufficient supply of food, it will never be grumpy again… unless you tell it to GO TO SLEEP!!!

    – Never neglect your pet. I know this wouldn’t be the case with the majority of weevils, but a Bin Pet can get really hungry and sad, and if you disobey those orders, you may never have a happy pet again… 😦

    So let’s recap on some of the more important details:

    – Ensure that they are well fed and exercised.
    – Take them to GymPet.
    – Allow them to meet other pets.
    – Make a Bin Pet themed room.
    – Don’t neglect it.

    This is a comment by sheepes3364. 😀

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  2. Here are my tips for looking after a bin pet:

    1. Always make sure you have enough food for it – if you need to get food for it, you can buy some at The Bin Pet Shop – To find your Bin Pet, you just need to click on your pets food bowl.

    2. Make sure it gets enough sleep – don’t wake it up when it doesn’t have enough sleep – no one wants a sleepy Bin Pet!

    3. Exercise it! You can take it to GymPet or get it to play with the ball – you can get it to play fetch or juggle

    4. Make sure you look after it and don’t leave it by itself in your nest – take it outside – no one likes to be left inside by itself for ages!

    5. Have toys to play with in your nest – maybe a whole room just for your bin pet – a place to sleep, eat and play all in one room!

    If you follow these tips, you WILL have a happy Bin Pet!


  3. Hi there! This is my entry!

    Tip 1: Go to GymPet for your pet to be healthy and fit! Bin pets need to be strong to be happy!

    Tip 2: Feed your pet! Your pet certainly isn’t happy when it’s hungry! Feed it when’s the bar drops to a low percentage.

    Tip 3: Interact with other pets! Your pet needs lots of friends!

    Tip 4: Give your pet a pampered experience! Decorate the room they live in so they can play around at home while you chat to your bin buddies!

    Tip 5: Keep up the good skills! Make sure your pet has great levels on all the different types of excersice! Your pet will need certain skills to do certain things!

    Good luck to everyone who has entered and I hope that we can all have some of the fittest and healthiest bin pets around!


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