New Weevil World Content Sneak Peek

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Weevil World is an exciting mobile app from the creators of Bin Weevils which is coming soon! Bin Weevils HQ are releasing so many sneak peeks of the upcoming game and I absolutely can’t wait for Weevil World.

The first sneak peek is your Bin Bots house which can be upgraded in Weevil World. Your Bin Bots will live here. I believe Series 3 Bin Bots will be released when Weevil World is released later this year – who knows!


The second sneak peek is our Bin Bot house & workshop. Maybe our Bin Bots can work or build some type of thing so we earn Mulch? That could be possible. Remember this isn’t the final art, so things can change but you can also see what our Bin Weevil character will look like in Weevil World!


Now this is the AWESOME part! Introducing a new Bin Bot, Nitro Fin Bin Bot! This will be an official Bin Bot probably in series 3. Don’t forget about the Bin Bots which were seen from the Bin Weevils Magazine, doesn’t Nitro Fin look awesome?


So there you have it! Some sneak peeks from Weevil World. Isn’t this exciting? Click here to visit the Weevil World official website to sign up for extras on Weevil World! Leave me your thoughts in the comments area.

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