Leaderboards Arrive At The Summer Fair

Hello Bin Weevils!

Leaderboards have arrived at the Summer Fair! Now you can check out your buddies’ highscores on some of the games, and you can see the top 100! On Duck Soaker, and Bin Pet Bounce you can now click the ‘High Scores” button next to the game stand. Awesome right?

leadboardsWell done to all my buddies for their amazing highscores! There’s more to come at the Bin Weevils Summer Fair, Drewbian told us that after the Summer Fair leaderboards might be on ALL games in the Binscape!  Have fun playing all the great games!

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10 thoughts on “Leaderboards Arrive At The Summer Fair

    • Hi XPWINNER,

      If you have a problem with my blog and myself, stay away from this blog. I’m also considering phoning the police because this is now classed as harassment which is a crime. I have many screenshots, and the police will handle this very well. I’m going to be contacting WordPress.

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