New Prizes, New Fortune Teller, New Bin Tycoon Item To Collect At The Fair

Hello Bin Weevils! 

The Bin Weevils Summer Fair has just got even better! Be sure to head down to the fair ground to see what’s new, every week Bin Weevils HQ are adding new prizes to the Summer Fair so be sure to weevil on over to the fair ground each week for new prizes and more.

eCalling all Bin Tycoon members! Hurry on down to the Summer Fair to claim your FREE exclusive Gunge Tent nest item! This item will change soon, so if you want to grab it as fast as you can! Click the signpost at the Summer Fair to claim it.

Bin Tycoon members can earn MORE Tokens to spend on EXCLUSIVE prizes over at the prize hat!


sumNew prizes have arrived at the Summer Fair! Want some more good news? Some old favourite prizes have returned from last year’s Summer Fair which is always a bonus!

Next week,  there’ll be NEW PRIZES for you to purchase. Click the arrow to explore the different screens at the Prize Hat!


ffThe Fortune Teller has returned to this year’s Summer Fair! Have you got loads of weevily questions to ask? Spend 2 Tokens to ask the Fortune Teller random questions you may have, remember to play the games around the fair to earn Tokens.

They’ll be new games arriving to the Summer Fair hopefully, and new features too. Make sure you stay up-to-date with what’s happening over at the Summer Fair with Weevily Wonder.

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2 thoughts on “New Prizes, New Fortune Teller, New Bin Tycoon Item To Collect At The Fair

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