Weevil World Will Be For Free

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily World is an exciting new game from the creators of Bin Weevils, Weevil World will be released later this year with a brand new universe just like Bin Weevils for mobile and tablet devices. Drewbian has announced Weevil World will be for free, this means you’ll be able to download Weevil World for absolutely no charge at all!

WeevilWorldWallpaperWho can’t wait to get exploring this new universe of Bin Weevils? It’ll be FREE to download on your mobile & table devices any-time soon – to sign up for exclusive news on Weevil World and find out more visit the official website by clicking this link.

In Weevil World, you’ll have a brand new Bin Weevil character. If you’ve ever played mobilebbbll games like Family Barn, or Forest Story I believe Weevil World will be like that where you are a character and you have to build things, following the sneak peeks it looks like you’ll be building Bin Bot houses with you can upgrade to house all your Bin Bots you’ve created.

I simply can’t wait for this! It does look like Series 3 Bin Bots are on the way, and it looks like they’ll be in Weevil World. Maybe you can claim exclusive Bin Bots in Weevil World?

Doesn’t the clothes look really cute and awesome?  I can’t wait to dress my Bin Weevil in Weevil World!

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