New Summer Fair Prizes, Toys, Black & White Room, Secret Door

Hello Bin Weevils! 

The Summer Fair has just got even more Bin-tastic! Be sure to head over to the Summer Fair to enjoy all the new stuff, there’s brand new toys over at the Claw Machine, the Black & White room has opened in the Funhouse, new prizes have arrived at the Prize Hut & so much more is awaiting you!


Starting at the Funhouse, the weevily-awesome Black & White room is now open for Bin Tycoon members. You’ll have plenty of fun in this room, it’s a very fun room! Be sure to visit the Funhouse from the Summer Fair entrance to check out this cool new room!

Once you’ve arrived you’ll be changed either into white or black.

new toys

New toys have arrived at the Claw Machine! All weevils can now head to the Claw Machine to start collecting the new toys, and the old toys too. Remember to collect over 10 Tokens because you’ll going to need 10 Tokens to play the Claw Machine!

The new toys are, Scribbles, Dott, Bunty, Ink, Dab, Weevil X! These toys are very exclusive and are only available from the Summer Fair.


 This week, new prizes have arrived at the Summer Fair! There’s even new prizes which we haven’t seen before, be sure to head to the Prize Hat and click the arrow in the right hand side corner to explore the different screens full of Bin-tastic prizes!

Make sure you pick up your Super Antenna Gem, so you can KEEP your Super Antenna!


The mysterious door has opened up inside the Summer Fair Funhouse Maze! Be sure to go and find your way to the secret door, inside there’s a cool hangout, items, games and more! However, you’ll going to have to wait until the red light goes GREEN to access it. Have fun! 


As we voted in the What’s New Blog poll, Tink and Clott are now facing each other at the Gunge Tent this week! Be sure to head to the Gunge Tent to battle your opposite team and try to free your chosen Bin Weevil celebrity from slime!

Make sure you take part in the vote next week to see who else should be in the Gunge Tent next! The Bin Weevils Summer Fair is getting better each week! 

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