Did You Meet Scribbles?

Hello Bin Weevils!

i sopot

Did you meet Scribbles at the BOOMco area today? It was packed & many Bin Weevils turned up to see the Bin’s best reporter, Scribbles! Hopefully they’ll be more meet-up times so we get to meet other Bin Weevils celebrities in different locations.

Stay tuned to Weevily Wonder & the What’s New Blog for upcoming meet-up times! Lastly, be sure to say a big weevily welcome to firexlxlxl who has joined the Weevily Wonder Team and he’ll be reporting weevily news on Tuesdays!

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2 thoughts on “Did You Meet Scribbles?

  1. im on your photo at the front pink and lilac with feather hat next to sws hat, it was great to see and speak to scribbles again and he said it would be his birthday soon after schools back and he his going to invite weevils to his nest again. cool.


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