Guest Bloggers: bindo2012 & dannyeggy!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s time for another 2 Guest Bloggers on the What’s New Blog! This time it’s bindo1012 and dannyeggy!


To read their Summer Fair reviews, all you need to do is go to the What’s New Blog by clicking on the link below!

Have you sent in a review yet? If not, all you need to do is send in a review to  blog@binweevils.comIt can be about an area or game that you find really fun!

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11 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers: bindo2012 & dannyeggy!

  1. Weevily wow, great post & welcome to the Weevily Wonder Team! I’ve just edited this post a tiny bit, remember to put your starting point & ending point in bold and make your images bigger; other than that, a very good post! 🙂

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  2. I don’t really want Weevil Weekly to return, as the What’s New Blog IS Weevil Weekly. It reports the latest news, and we don’t have to wait a week for everything to be reported! It would still be cool if we could browse the earlier issues… 🙂


    • Actually, Weevil Weekly was better because it was written by the Bin’s top reporter! Scribbles also used to log in every Friday which was exciting, getting some snaps or trying to find Scribbles was exciting too. Weevil Weekly Round-Up was just temporary I believe, I was angry when Scribbles went missing because what happened after that? Nothing really.


      • I’m sure ‘Scribbles is Missing’ led to something. Lab was working on a Time Machine, which started the theory that we could travel in time to the older locations in the Binscape. Possibly the Time Portal, but if not, it must be something… Weevil World?


      • Hmm, I honestly think the Time Portal should be somewhere else. How does it have a connection with Bin Pets? I always thought they’ll be an actual Bin Pet Temple and inside are the 3 time portals leading to, Ink’s Orange Peel, Kip’s Scrapyard, and Peel Park. Would be cool if you had to have a Bin Pet to enter.

        After the whole Scribbles is missing theme nothing happened, a few months later the time portal came which had no story to it. It does look like Weevil World will be back in time. 🙂


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